Wild Ideas for a Fantastic Bachelorette Party

Published: 17th April 2009
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Throwing a bachelorette party for a bride-to-be is a cool way for the bride and her friends to bond and blow off a little steam before the day. If you are organizing a bachelorette party, there are some fun and original bachelorette party ideas.

Whilst the bridal shower is still a standard event for brides, a bachelorette party is a more laid back party.

Like a bachelor party, a bachelorette party usually involves an evening out with the gals. It can occur at the home of the bride-to-be or the home of the person throwing the party for her. A hall or meeting room at a hotel may also be hired for the night. Cafes regularly have rooms that may be reserved for personal parties. You also might opt to take everybody to an event like a flick or a spa.

A lot of bachelorette parties begin in one location and move on to a different location, like a bar, later in the night.

The bachelorette party can be nice or simply wild and naughty, depending on the bride's preferences and comfort level. Most bachelorette parties include alcohol and several incorporate sexual themes. However, this is the bride-to-be's night, and although it can be exciting to shame her a little, you do not need her to be frightened at the goings-on.

When each guest arrives, she writes down a job the bride must accomplish before the night is over. When the list is complete it is given to the bride. The task list might include stuff like get a person to buy you a drink or get a person's telephone number. Give goodie bags to the guests with cheap, cheeky gifts within.

Many party supply shops and web sites carry party favors and supplies particularly meant for bachelorette parties.

You can also opt to head to a spa. All of the women can enjoy massages and manicures. Or take a tour at a winery and enjoy some wine tasting. Go dancing. Head to a micro-brewery for a tour and to taste the products.

Appointing a driver while having a bachelorette party is a fabulous idea. Either that, or someone who would not usually be invited to the party, like a male pal. You might also hire a limo service to hold guests to numerous places in town. Whether or not the bachelorette party involves alcohol, employing a bus or limousine service is a good way to keep guests together and keep them from getting lost in the evening.

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